Friday, September 25, 2009

Unity Bachelor Challenge - Week 2

WHoooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!! Unity Stamp Company is having another awesome challenge!! It's called the Unity Bachelor Bro Challenge. Each week, for 7 weeks, the have a different challenge and Bachelor Bro (sigh*) will pick two cards for the winner! One winner and a runner up!

Here is what you win (straight from the website):

"The WINNER goes into the final round in week 7 to qualify for the HUGE $750 PRIZE AND ALSO will get a PRIZE PACKAGE of 12 pieces of Patterned Paper and a Grab Bag of 25 Stamps.

The RUNNER UP gets a GRAB BAG of 25 stamps.

You can be a WINNER only ONCE - however you can be a RUNNER UP MORE than once.

ANYONE CAN PLAY ALONG. They can OPT TO PLAY every week or NOT. However they can only be picked by Broman ONE TIME. The women that BROMAN picks as the WINNER will automatically go to the FINAL ROUND.

If you are a winner ONE TIME you cannot win again till the LAST WEEK for the BIG $750 PRIZE. The LAST WEEK there will be only 7 participants. The final week participants are the 7 Women that Broman picks in the next 7 weeks according to the CHALLENGES Unity posts each Thursday.

If by some chance one of the weeks the WINNER cannot participate in the FINAL CHALLENGE on November 5th the RUNNER UP that week will get the option to take her place."

WHOOOOO DOES THAT???!!! $750.00 worth of red rubber goodness! I'm so there!!

This weeks challenge was the following:
Putting on the Glitz - Show Bachelor Bro how you SPARKLE

-Use something SHINY - or GLITTERY
-2 Buttons
-must include Unity Stamps

Here is my take on the challenge...

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
More to come!!